Which PGA Tour Player am I?

Do you embrace the beer-drinking lifestyle of John Daly? Are you a Texas Barbeque guy like Spieth? Or do you hit the weight room cranking out bicep curls like Jason Day?

Take the official Better Birdies Quiz to find out.

Who PGA Tour Player am I?

What would you serve at the Champions dinner after winning the Masters?
How much time do you plan warming up for each round?
What would you do after a typical round of golf?
How many events would you play in per year?
What ball would you play?
What word would best describe your golf swing?
What would you care about more?
What day would you plan to get to an average tournament?
My ideal tournament location would be:
Who would you rather play with?
If you graduated high school and had the opportunity to go pro or go to college, what would you choose?
What would be the strength of your game?
What driver would you play with?
What would be your typical celebration after draining a long putt?
If you won a tournament, would your wife and kids be there to congratulate you?
What age would you plan on retiring?


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