How I went from 100+ to 4 under on 9 holes

My Story


My name is Joe, and first off I want to thank you for subscribing to Better Birdies and giving me and my staff the opportunity to teach you how to play better golf as well as how to have a good time out on the course.

I grew up in the great state of Georgia where I began playing all kinds of sports. Baseball, basketball, soccer, and a little football with some friends.

I focused mostly on baseball during all of middle school, but ultimately I decided it wasn’t something I wanted to keep pursuing.

Trying out Golf

So in high school, I decided to try out for the golf team the spring of my freshman year.

With almost zero golf experience I wasn’t too confident that my 100+ scoring average would even make the team. Little did I know, with the right plan and practice, I was able to shoot a 77 in 6 months and eventually shoot 4 under par on 9 holes before I graduated.

Those 9 holes gave me the “County Champion” title in the same Georgia county as a current PGA Tour Player. (He has 4 current PGA Tour wins)

Anyways, I’m going to show you exactly what I did to drastically improve my golf game.

THE Golf Swing

During my golf practices, I probably had approximately 100 golf lessons from a top 100 PGA Professional. We worked with Trackman ($30,000 golf radar equipment) on a daily basis, and I was able to build a reliable, repeatable golf swing in a very short period of time.

Do I believe that you need to use a Trackman and get 100’s of lesson from a PGA Pro? Absolutely not.

I’m here to help you understand the golf swing, and provide specific steps to reaching your dream scores.

In fact, I think there are three must-know fundamentals of golf that will get you on the right track. These include the Grip, the stance/setup, and impact position.

The Grip

A solid golf swing starts with a solid grip. You’ve probably heard to grip the club lightly, and while that is important, it’s probably more important that you grip the club correct in the hands.

Hank Haney does an excellent job of explaining the correct golf grip in this quick 1-minute video.

One of the basic keys to golf is being able to do the same thing every single time. It starts with the grip.

Start gripping the golf club like this from Day 1.

The Stance & Set Up

The stance is additionally a very important part of hitting consistently good golf shots. The exact way you set up to the golf ball will determine how you end up swinging at the golf ball.

Important things to notice:

  1. Knees bent.
  2. Hands hanging directly down from shoulders/head.
  3. Shoulders, hips, and feet all aligned straight at the target.
  4. An athletic non-slouching posture.

Impact Position

Without a proper impact position, you will have no chance to hit a solid golf shot.

This is the exact proper impact position you need to be in.

Notice how the weight has shifted from the center of his stance to mostly being on the left side of his stance. The most important takeaway from this diagram is that the hands are in from of the ball at impact.

If your hands are behind or even with the ball at impact it makes it nearly impossible to hit the golf ball solid.

Practice Keys to Success

That was a very simple way to explain the golf swing, wasn’t it?

Yes, because golf is supposed to be a simple game!

“The longer the motion, the more margin for error.” – Todd Downing (Quarterback Coach of the Oakland Raiders)

Believe it, the golf swing is a lot like a pass from a quarterback or a home-run hit. They always look so simple because, in sports, the best way to be consistent is to eliminate any unnecessary movements.

That’s why people look at Tiger or Rory and think, “Wow, they make it look so easy.”

It’s because they only do what is necessary. Most amateurs simply try too hard.

Learn the basics. Train your body to successfully execute those basics and then go shoot low.

How to Practice

Practice is worthless if you don’t know how to practice.

Day in and day out I went to practice and had an objective I was going to accomplish. Whether it dealt with full-swing drills or putting games, I was all about completing the task at hand.

Drills that my instructor provided specifically for me to complete were the reason I was able to improve so fast.

Nothing will be able to replace the one-on-one instruction with someone who has shot low scores.

Mental-side of Golf

A massive part of golf is all in your head. So much negativity is in some people’s minds that they have no possibility of hitting good golf shots.

It’s important to be able to know that before you hit each shot, you need to believe that it will probably end up where you intend for the ball to finish.

The is true for not only drives and approach shots, but putts as well.

This side of golf is most likely the most difficult for you. As it takes lots of practice (both physical and mental).

The Dead Old Golf Lesson

You’ve heard it before. $100 an hour for a golf lesson.

It actually would help you if you decided to go that route with your local PGA Professional, but I believe there’s a much better way to succeed in this great game.

Stop trying to learn from PGA “professionals” who may have never shot a score under par, or at least haven’t done it in years.

A successful golf lesson involves two simple things.

  1. An instructor that can actually shoot low scores.
  2. Being able to take away drills that will transform your golf swing into a simple motion.

You don’t have to meet with an instructor in person to do this. In fact, with a simple video from your smartphone I personally, can give you specific drills that will help you break par.

If that interests you, shoot me an email:

Let’s break par together.