9 Easy Steps to Playing Golf in the Snow

You know you’ve got it. The golf bug.

It bites you until you finally get to take on the course.

We all get this sickness occasionally and the worse time for it to attack is during the dreadfully cold months of December and January.

You have to cure yourself before it gets too out of hand. So follow this original Better Birdies step-by-step guide to playing golf in the snow.

Step #1: Bring Your Entire Closet (Layer-up)

We’ve got you covered.

There’s no possible way you’re going to go out there and freeze yourself to death. What fun would that be?

Reach into your closet and grab anywhere between 4 to 6 long sleeve shirts as well as a few pairs of pants. Lastly, grab a couple winter jackets as well.

Put them all on.

I bet you’re sweating like a pig. Step outside and enjoy some nice AC from mother nature. Then grab a golf club or two to get loose.

You may have put on too many layers, so take off jackets and shirts until you can begin to move your club on the backswing.

Step #2: Use a Different Colored Golf Ball like Bubba

If you haven’t heard, Bubba Watson is the first tour player ever to drop Titleist and switch to Volvik golf balls.

The Better Birdies board of directors came to the conclusion that it was probably an effort by Watson to match his pink driver and to get in some snow practice this winter.

A colored ball will let you see where your ball goes in the snow. If you decided to use a traditional white ball, you just wasted $59 on ProV’s or whatever kind of ball you play.

Step #3: Wear a Toboggan or Beanie

Whether you’re from the south and call it a toboggan or from the north and call it a Beanie, you’re going to need one to keep your head warm.

A beanie is guaranteed to help you stay warm, and some experts might suggest you layer up with multiple of these too.

In 7th grade biology, I learned that 90% of your heat escapes through your head (or something like that). This is a must have.

Step #4: Buy a 24 Pack of Hand Warmers

Hand warmers may have been the greatest invention since the golf cart itself.

Go to you local convenience store and buy the largest bulk pack you can find. Start opening these packets like presents on Christmas morning and you’re 5 years old.

Shake them viciously until you reach the golf course.

Step #5: Bring a Hot Partner


Whether it’s your wife, girlfriend, or someone you picked up off the street, make sure you’re not the only one sitting in your golf cart.

With a normal body temperature being around 98 degrees you’ll understand what I mean.

I think the Eskimos figured this one out in 500 BC.

Step #6: Buy a Pair of Winter Golf Gloves

Tommy Two Gloves Gainey.

Yep, you’re about to be him for the day.

If you find some that have a slot to keep your hand warmers, then that’s just a bonus.

Step #7: Install Chains on your Golf Cart Tires

Didn’t think about that one, did you?

The most efficient way to get around a golf course may no longer work during snow storms. You’re gonna have to reinvent the wheel on this one. Literally.

Head over to Walmart or Advanced Auto Parts right now.

Step #8: Just Use a Snow Mobile Instead

Scratch that actually.

These babies will work great. They go much faster than your average golf cart.

With nobody out on the course and a brand new snowmobile as your golf cart, you’ll wish it was winter all year!

Step #9: Don’t go. Stay inside.

You know what, this whole golf in snow guide was pretty stupid.

Let’s just watch professional bowling instead.


What other techniques do you have for taking golf on during the winter months?

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