Is Luke Donald still alive?

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I swear I haven’t heard this guy’s name on TV since 2011 when he had a T-4 in the Masters.

Wasn’t he number 1 in the world at one point, or am I just making this up?

I always thought he had such a great swing. I guess that isn’t everything because his golf game has since become non-existent.

His family

I know professional golf is a hectic lifestyle and all. These guys travel all over the world and never get to see their family. Now I know what got to Tiger’s head…

Luke is (or was) married to his wife Diane. They both grew up in England according to his website. Hopefully, he’s still over their breathing because I sure haven’t seen him on TV in the states.

Luke seems like a great guy, though. He hasn’t gotten mixed up with the wrong people. He has a great family and I hope he makes a good comeback soon.

Mizuno will fail

Everyone in the Mizuno marketing department may have lost their job. They clearly decided to put all of their eggs in one basket: Luke Donald. He was literally the only person on the entire PGA tour to ever wear anything with the Mizuno logo. Did they not know that they should diversify their portfolio?

Heck, I even know that you’ve got to diversify because of that stupid golf commercial where the guy’s bag is filled with drivers.

Very clever MetLife.

Now that Mizuno has lost their only marketing asset, I have complete confidence that the next golf company to fail will be Mizuno. Once Nike fell it was only a matter of time for more of these fake golf companies to become obsolete.

Come Back Luke

I just searched “Luke Donald” on YouTube and there wasn’t a single video posted within the past 4 years. Maybe I could’ve done a little more digging, but that’s saying something.

Seriously, has anybody heard from this guy?


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  1. Mizuno probably will fall. Maybe not their entire company, but specifically their golf department. This has never made sense to me. They should just stick to making irons, because it seems like almost every golf company can make decent irons.

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