PXG Golf commercial that aired 436 times

Bob Parsons next to two Marines

If you’ve watched anything on the golf channel recently (specifically Tiger’s 2016 PGA Tour debut), then you’ve probably seen this commercial for PXG Golf Clubs.

PXG Golf Commercial

After witnessing the repetitive commercial 187 times, I decided to finally pull out the old laptop and figure out what this hype was about.

I myself have never even heard of these new golf clubs, so I’ll give you a quick synopsis¬†about the company.

PXG Golf

Started by Bob Parsons. He desired to make the “world’s best golf equipment.” Sounds like a stretch to me.

Considering PXG started in September of 2014, they seem to be a little late to the game.

Didn’t Titleist start in Scotland in the 1640s?

Anyways, after doing some research, I was able to find that both Zak Johnson and Billy Hershel were the only “well-known” players to be playing PXG golf clubs.

And neither have been able to win a single PGA tournament since signing with PXG almost 6 months ago.

While I won’t straight out say PXG clubs are not even near being the “world’s best golf equipment,” I’d definitely say they’ve got a lot more R&D to do.

Mr. Parsons better slow down this marketing campaign and actually build clubs that will help two of the best tour players win a tournament.

Who is Bob Parsons?

Billionaire, founder of the popular web hosting service: GoDaddy.com.

Clever name Bob.

Last time I looked in my thesaurus, “Go Daddy” was not a synonym for “Web Hosting.”

Although I’d question his business naming skills, I don’t doubt this guy’s wits. He literally advertises web hosting to all of America during the super bowl. And EVERYBODY is paying attention.

That’s some pretty solid marketing.

He’s a billionaire. That means he’s doing something right.

I did a quick “google” and found his website where he talks about his business and life skills.

One of his “Rule’s to Live By” is:

“We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time!” – Bob Parsons

And I think that hits home with many of the readers at Better Birdies.

When you’re finishing up the front nine and you and your buddy have each downed 6 bud lights, what do you do? Buy another 12 pack.

When you’re about to black-out on 17, what do you do? Shotgun another beer.

It’s about time we had someone like Bob Parsons take over the golf world. He knows what he’s doing, and he gets the job done.

Plus, when a man in a suit is standing by two marines, that’s a man worth respecting.

Thank you, Bob. Thank you.

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