The GOAT is Back, Tiger Woods

AT&T National Practice Round June 26, 2012
AT&T National Practice Round June 26, 2012

Yeah, he’s back.

The world’s greatest golfer of all time, possibly behind KJ Choi. Don’t mess with that guy.

Tiger is a player, both on AND off the course. And for the past 15 darn months, he hasn’t been either.

Going back on some old memories, Tiger started his career off right. Back in 99 and early 2000s, he was unstoppable.

Of course, that was back when he was cheating and all. Funny how as soon as he becomes a moral human being his golf game drops off a cliff. Guess he took a turn for the worst.

Anyways, after a long 15 months, Tiger Woods is BACK!

Just in time for the grand opening of Better Birdies.


Safeway Open Flop

Back when Tiger announced he was coming back for the Safeway open, the golf world was hype. The kids lined the fairways, and Golf Channel was watched on a Thursday morning by more than 10 people.

If I could ask Tiger one question it would be: “Why did you pull out of the Safeway Open? You’re fine.”

And we did, here’s the tweet:

Still crickets. Take some time to respond to your fans, jeez.

Did he not learn anything from playing little league sports?

When you commit to something, don’t quit. What a loser.

That was a little harsh, Tiger is still the greatest. Will he end up ever winning another tournament again? Who knows, he’s Tiger Woods. I wouldn’t be surprised if another cheating scandal is revealed. Heck if John Daily can’t get himself together, how can Tiger?


HERO World Challenge Day 1 & 1 Hole into Day 2

Untypical Tiger to start off strong and not be able to finish. Yes, that is what she said. (All of them)

If I were his swing coach I’d begin to wonder what happened to his stamina. Probably lost a lot of strength after being limited to one girl, his wife.

He started the first round with a 33, including bogeying the 9th hole, but fell apart on the back 9. How do you double two of the last three holes? I can do better than that…

Also, why in the world did he decide to wear all black on his first day back? It wasn’t a funeral. It was a rebirth. The greatest player of the game just came back.

It was probably Nike forcing him to wear over expensive clothes that everyone will go buy on Black Friday.



Watching him warm up he reminded me of a Freddy Couples smooth swing. Okay, maybe not that smooth, but it didn’t look like he was trying to send the ball to another universe like usual.

Right when he got on the course, things changed.

Maybe it was just me, but the competitive Tiger seemed to kick in and he began the usual “Let’s kill this ball” golf swing.

Tiger’s golf swing reminds me of… Never mind.

And I love how he’s playing by himself. And Still, the entire gallery at the tournament is following one man.

Can someone please go watch J.B. Holmes? He’s in the lead.

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7 thoughts on “The GOAT is Back, Tiger Woods

  1. J.B. Holmes will fall apart before his round starts on Friday. He’s the last person that will win this tournament.

    1. You nailed that Sam. Funny how we didn’t hear much about Hideki until he was in the lead. Turns out he won 4 of his past 5 tournaments. LOL.

    1. I’d have to disagree for now. Just recently checked his Master’s odds for 2017: 1/20. Not too bad for playing in one tournament the past 15 months. Gotta think Vegas knows something we don’t.

  2. No doubt his swing looks different. When I first saw him I thought it wasn’t even Tiger…

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