How Custom Fitted Clubs Will Help Your Golf Game and Wallet







By Nathan Yates

No touring professionals use clubs off the rack and neither should you.  Not because you’re expecting to hit a 340 yard bomb like Rory McIlroy or Dustin Johnson but because you’re looking to level up your game and save money over the long term.

  1. A Smart Financial Move

That’s right, you’ll actually save money.  Now, at first glance it may seem custom fitting or getting optimized (tour talk) will put you into the poor house.  I can’t lie, optimized clubs are going to be more expensive then the sticks normally stocked on the shelves of your favorite golf store.  But getting optimized will save you money over the long term.   You’ll have peace of mind knowing your clubs are your personal hitsticks and you won’t be tempted to buy whatever new marketing gimmick the club manufacturers come up with when they produce their new version of “the best clubs ever” in three months or so.

Sure, you’ll see Jason Day crush the latest TaylorMade driver so far that he only has a 7-iron left into a 580 yard par 5.  Jordan Speith will be throwing darts with the newest and sleekest looking Titleist irons ever.  But you won’t care.  You’ll know that it isn’t the brand and the model that makes the difference.  It’s the fact that their clubs, like yours, have been optimized.  Enjoy the tournament, hopefully your guy wins, and know how good it is to not have that nagging feeling so many golfers experience that makes them cough up their hard earned cash whenever a new driver or set of irons hits the market.  Sweet serenity.

  1. The Mental Edge

As the cliché goes, golf is a game of confidence.  You can’t buy confidence but an optimized set of clubs comes pretty close.  Properly fitted clubs will result in fewer mishits.  And even if you somehow happen to catch one on the toe or towards the heel, you’ll know that it wasn’t the clubs fault.  When you’re playing stock clubs fresh off the rack that aren’t fitted for your move, it actually can be the club’s fault.  This isn’t an excuse.  It’s a fact.  Optimized clubs also feel better.  Once you’ve been correctly fitted, your clubs will have the ideal weight and balance.  The solid feeling you’ll have while holding and swinging them will quickly translate into increased confidence out on the links.

  1. Your Swing Will Improve

In order to get properly optimized, you’ll need to go through a number of tests using a launch monitor or, better yet, a TrackMan.  While you’re being optimized, be sure to ask whoever is fitting you and running the tests about the numbers and data the launch monitor gives and why they’re important.  You’ll quickly start to understand what you’re doing during your swing to produce the numbers.  Then you’ll be able to make adjustments to change the numbers and the types of shots you’re hitting.  Even though it seems technical, knowing why the ball does what it does will actually help you feel your way to a more fundamentally sound golf swing and you’ll find yourself hitting higher quality shots on a much more consistent basis.  Go get optimized.  You’ll thank yourself for it.

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