What did the 2016 Major Championship winners have in their golf bags?

By Drew Farmer

Golf clubs and balls play a big part in a golfer’s game. Being comfortable with the tools of the trade is important and a good craftsman is only as good as the items he or she uses.

So, what golf clubs did the PGA’s major championship winners use in 2016?

Danny Willet

The 2016 Masters Tournament was the first and so far only major championship Englishman Danny Willet has won. This year, he is back to show it was no fluke.

Willet’s win at Augusta was a combination of timely play and the clubs he used. The Englishman used a Callaway XR16 driver in the tournament after introducing it to his golf bag earlier in the year. It was a club he used to win the Dubai Desert Classic as well. Willet’s bag was filled with Callaway clubs and balls throughout the year, and he’ll be using the brand as he attempts a repeat performance in 2017.

Willet’s golf bag:

Dustin Johnson

The 2016 PGA Player of the Year has totalled 14 tour wins during his career. Johnson is a TaylorMade man, and his preference is to use the brand’s clubs and balls. With Johnson’s play over the last few years, it is hard to argue with his choice in equipment.

In 2016, Johnson changed up his equipment slightly, and the returns were very noticeable as he won the US Open.

Johnson’s golf bag:

Henrik Stenson

The 2016 The Open Championship winner Henrik Stenson has been playing professionally since 1998.

Now 40, the Swede has five PGA Tour wins and 11 European Tour wins under his belt. Stenson has been described as one of the best players from tee to green; so, what equipment helped him seal The Open Championship?

Stenson’s golf bag:

Jimmy Walker

The 2016 PGA Championship winner, Jimmy Walker made over $4 million in earnings during the year.

Walker has been known to keep around some of his old clubs that worked well for him in the past, and he continues to break them out with regularity.

At the PGA Championship, Walker had a 12-year-old Scotty Cameron Newport putter in his golf bag. When something works, why not stick with it?

Walker’s golf bag:

Drew Farmer is a freelance writer and Better Birdies contributor. Follow him on Twitter @DrewMFarmer

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